Music in Madhya Pradesh

Like in all other aspects, Madhya Pradesh has a rich history in music as well. The most notable and inspiring feature of the music is that they have been least intruded by effects of outside world and their cultures. Tribal music is the same as it was before, Bhakti songs(Devotional) of medieval times still touch your soul and take you to the world of spirituality. When it comes to music of Madhya Pradesh, one person who cannot be left out is the legendary Tansen. He was tagged as one of the nine ratnas of Akbar’s court. There is also a music festival named after him, Tansen Music Festival that is held every year in Gwalior. All great exponents of Indian classical music perform here and millions of music lovers gather to remember the legend to and witness the great event.

All festivals and celebration in Madhya Pradesh is a time for music and dance. And many festivals like Khajuraho Dance festival and Tansen Music Festival that are dedicated to music and dance show us how much the citizens of Madhya Pradesh love their arts. Come to be a part of these performances that will leave a spellbinding effect on you.

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