Music of East Timor

People in East Timor loves music. It binds the the various ethnic groups of people living in the island. The popular types of Music of East Timor comprise Gamelan music and Fado music which have been imported from Indonesia and Portugal. The country has its own native music called Likurai dance. During old days, the local women welcomed their countrymen who returned victorious from wars by performing Likurai dance. Small drums were used in the dance. Sometimes the women carried the heads of enemies in long processions through different villages. Presently, Likurai dance is performed by women during courtship rituals.
The music of the country breathed fresh life when East Timor gained its independence on May 20, 2002. Before independence the country was torn apart with political tensions which literally took away music from the lives of the Timorese people. People stopped playing music. There were no listeners either. After 20 May, 2002 the Music of East Timor flourished. In the city of Dilo you can see guitarists playing music on roadsides. There is an office building in the city suburbs which displays a beautiful collection of musical instruments. The current Tomorese Music is a blend of Portuguese Fado and Indonesian rock. The independence movement in the country gave a new life to Timorese music. It gave birth to various music bands in the country like the popular band, Dili all Stars. Some of the other popular forms of East Timor Music include reggae, rock and roll and hip-hop. Teo Batise Ximenes is one of the popular musicians in East Timor.

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