Music of Mexico

The music of Mexico is diverse and features a wide range of different musical styles influenced mainly by Indigenous music . Many traditional Mexican songs are well-known worldwide, although most of the time their origin in Mexico is not so clear to the non-Mexican listener. Besame Mucho, Cielito Lindo, El Rey, La Bamba, Maria Bonita and many more are part of the Mexican culture and famous all over the world.
Music on the East Coast of Mexico was very influenced by Cuban music in the 20th century. The Son Jarocho and Son Huasteco where influenced by the Son Cubano. Cha cha cha, Danzon, Mambo and Bolero grew importantly in Mexico, specially in Veracruz and Mexico City. Important song writers that influenced this where, Perez Prado, Benny More and Agustin Lara.
Now a days the most popular Mexican genre is ranchera, interpreted by a band of mariachis. Examples include the work of Cuco Sanchez, Chavela Vargas and Vicente Fernandez. Mariachi music remains Mexico’s national song. Mexico’s stronghold on the music market in Latin America is long established.

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