Music of Poland

Music of Poland has a rich history. It may be categorized in different sections according to its genre and the period it was introduced in. The country has its own traditional music, folk music, classical music, contemporary classical music and contemporary popular music. The different genres of Music which Poland has to offer are captivating and nice to listen to.

Poland is one of the few European countries which are not affected by the wave of the pop music. The country still preserves all kinds of alternative music genres and encourages them. The polish music finds its origin in the 13th century and the manuscripts which have been found in Stary Sacz contain polyphonic compositions belonging to the Parisian Notre Dame School. The period has also to its credit the magnificent composition of Bogurodzica. Mikolaj z Radomia is, however, the first noted composer who lived in the 15th century.

The traditional or folk music of Poland was preserved in the 19th century by Oskar Kolberg. It was made during the period of national revival in the country. The dance and music of Poland especially the mazurka and the polonaise were made popular by Frederic Chopin. Its craze was so overwhelming that soon the whole of Europe and other countries came under its grip. The kind of music and dance which the mazurka and the polonaise display are triple-time dances with 5 beat forms. This version is more popular in the north-east, while the duple-time dances like the polka and krakowiak find their origin in the southern part of Poland.

The contemporary popular music of Poland is best represented by rock, metal, jazz and electronic. The county has always remained honest in embracing new genre of music. The tendency even existed in the same spirit before communalism collapsed. After 1989, the country got some more talents and new style which proved to be quite popular among the people in the country. Unlike many European countries, the pop music in Poland could not get much popularity in the country and the rock and the hip-hop remained the first choice of the mass. The other popular musical genres in the country include black metal, Gothic rock, trip hop and post rock.