Music of Taiwan

The four main professional Chinese music groups in Taiwan are the Taipei Municipal Chinese Classical Orchestra, National Chinese Orchestra, Kaohsiung Chinese Orchestra, and Chinese Orchestra of the Broadcasting Corporation of China. At least another ten smaller ensembles perform regularly around the island. These musicians play mostly traditional Chinese instruments, but sometimes perform Western compositions or Chinese works that incorporate Western-style rhythms or harmonies.
There has also been renewed interest in preserving various types of traditional music including bei guan (a fast-tempo music that commonly accompanies operas and traditional puppet shows) and, especially, nan guan (a more delicate and soothing sound). The Changhua County Cultural Center houses the Nan Guan and Bei Guan Center.
Despite the important position of traditional Chinese music in Taiwan, Western classical music predominates. Many young classical musicians, having succeeded in international circles, have now returned to Taiwan as either visiting musicians or regular members of orchestras and chamber groups. The main Western-style orchestras are the National Symphony Orchestra, Taipei Symphony Orchestra, and National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra. Private orchestras and ensembles include the Taipei Sinfonietta and Philharmonic Orchestra and Ju Percussion Group.

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