Music of the United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates is a part of the Persian Gulf khaleeji tradition, and is also known for Bedouin folk music. Distinctive dance songs from the area’s fishermen are also well-known, but the country’s most famous performers are Ahlam, the first female pop star in the Persian Gulf, Abdel Moniem Al Saleh or Moniem, who is famous for his exceptional talent in songs’ writing, music producing and singing, and he was the first musician to mix Indian, Spanish and Arabic music together. Aithah Al-Menhali, and Al Wasmi. Other singers from the United Arab Emirates include Samar, Reem, Rouwaida, and Abdallah Belkhair among others.
Liwa is a type of music and dance performed mainly in communities which contain descendants of East Africans.
Rock Bands in the UAE
The UAE houses an alive underground rock music scene in the Gulf area. Local organizations such as the American University in Dubai Sound Society, independent organizers, Ignite-Events and are key players in moving the musical scene forward, in terms of organizing concerts, promoting concerts, and providing a discussion area for local scenesters wishing to know more about what events are coming up.

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