My Favourite UK Holiday Destination.

Often though, regardless of the appeals of foreign shores with never ending sunshine and wonderful local culture to explore, we will opt to spend our holidays on our own turf. Why is this? After all the British summer these days is pretty unpredictable. Take this year for example, it is hard to tell if it is July or October outside as I watch the rain trickling down the window pane.
Despite the weather, the UK does hold its own unique appeal to holidaymakers with many returning year after year. Obviously the beautiful and ever changing countryside along with a huge choice of Hotels, holiday homes and B&B’s goes along way in explaining some of the appeal, but I had to dig a little deeper to see why a certain place has held such an appeal to me over the years.
That place is Bude, and it’s surrounding area, in North Cornwall. As a young child my family and I spent year after year in the same wonderful holiday cottage near Bude. It was an idyllic black and white thatched cottage that had once been used as the vicarage. Inside the cottage it was always cool and welcoming. It was full of interesting ornaments and knick-knacks. There were also a lot of paintings and sketches on the walls as the owner was in fact an artist. The outside was even better as the cottage had a large garden (perfect for hiding from your big sister in). There were swings, a sandpit and many other outdoor toys, not to mention Topsy and Tim the rabbits. The local beach was just a 5 minute drive away and we spent much of out time paddling and making sandcastles. So for me, this was paradise. I had found my perfect holiday destination. Then times changed, we bought a caravan and started to explore all sorts of other interesting places. We gave Bude a rest for a while, but it was never forgotten about.
Perhaps the reason this place was so special to me is because all things appear magical and exciting to through the eyes of a child. Every day heralds a new adventure or discovery. Or perhaps there is something mystical about that area of Cornwall with its smugglers coves and little fishing harbours. (Or maybe it was just the wonderful Cornish ice cream and clotted cream teas that did it for me!)
Now I am grown up and have a young family of my own, and guess where we have spent our last 3 holidays? Yes, you got it, Bude! And yes it does still hold all of its unique charm. It always feels like a second home to me as many of its sights and sounds are familiar, but on top of that there are so many new places that we have discovered. There is so much on offer to entertain the children. Many places are undercover so even if the weather is not so good there is still plenty to do.
Then there are the many outdoor activities like the wonderful sandy beaches and rock pools to discover, and the pretty harbours and castles dotted about. You can have a go at surfing and even go sea fishing. The possibilities are endless.
As our holiday drew to an end this year and we went for our final walk along the coastal path, there was a very poignant moment when my eldest son said to me. ‘You know Mummy, when I am growed up I am going to bring my children here’. That said it all; this place is truly magical afterall.