Nagoya is located at the heart of central Japan, some 1,5 hours by train south of Tokyo. Some of the scenic areas of the region include Nobi Plain, and the Omo River valley. As the nucleus of this central area, Nagoya, with its population of more than 2.15 million, is one of Japan’s major cities, and an important industrial and cultural center.
The main sight in town is undoubtedly the Nagoya Castle, famous for the golden dolphins adorning its rooftop, was constructed in 1612 and a new castle town formed. Nagoya is actively preparing for a future in which lifestyle, technology, and culture work together to create a harmonious environment.

The nearby Shikemichi quarter is well worth a visit. Its history dates back to the days of commodities merchants of the 18th century. Old warehouses, private homes, temples and shrines remain to this day.

Downtown Nagoya is bustling and busy. It’s a good place for shopping but it often leaves the visitor out of breath. The Hisaya Odori Park is the place to head for then. It consists of a series of parks in the downtown area and it’s great for relaxing a bit.

Osu is perfect for shopping or to visit one of the many museums in the area. The last sight not to be missed is the Atsuta Shrine. One of the three major shrines in Japan along with Ise and Meiji. Atsuta Shrine houses the Kusanagi (grass-mowing) Sword, one of the three Sacred Treasures of the Imperial Family.

Sakae is a busy shopping area, and recently has added a new Apple store, for those in need of a little free internet.

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