Nalanda in Bihar

Nalanda is a big draw for all Buddhist pilgrims from around the world. Nalanda is a village of archaeological importance and the signs of ancient Buddhist culture are visible in it. Many monuments relating to the birth and spread of Buddhism could be seen here. The village has an antique touch of religion and wisdom going hand in hand. The altitude of Nalanda is of 67 meters and ruins of once greatest university of learning is scattered all around the village. A large number of ancient Buddhist establishment -Stupas, Chaityas, Temples and Monastery sites are common in Nalanda. The Nalanda museum has many of the ancient antique pieces preserved delicately.

Huen Tsang studied in the Nalanda University in mid 600’s. It was one of the biggest and oldest universities of the world and was considered as an epicenter of civilization during that period of time. Located in the state of Bihar, Presently a small town, Nalanda is a historic city with various ancient relics dotting its topography. The excavated piece of ancient Indian culture housed in the Nalanda university archaeological complex is always a sample of interest to historians. Nalanda is associated with various religions and religious gurus. The small town was also visited by Lord Buddha (Father of Buddhism), Lord Mahavir (Father of Jainism), Emperor Harshavardhan, The Ashoka (Two great Hindu Kings), all of whom contributed a lot to this pristine land.

Nalanda is situated 90 km south east of Patna and falls on the way to Rajgir.

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