One of the pleasant Taiwan Cities and popular Tourist Destinations in Taiwan, the city of Nan-t’ou in Taiwan draws descent crowds from all across the world. Nan-t’ou lies in the center of Taiwan and is a popular tourist spot. The city of Nan-t’ou in Taiwan is located in the northwest of Nan-t’ou County.


Tourist Attractions in Nan-t’ou are many and enough to draw more and more tourists each and every year. There are many historical buildings, beautiful and well-maintained parks and other sightseeing attractions in the region.

The Taroko National Park was eventually established on November, l986, particularly to safeguard environmental protection movement in Taiwan. The parks here are established to protect the natural scenery, historic relics and wildlife. The Parks also tries to conserve the natural resources of the area and to facilitate scientific research and promote environmental education among the young people.

If you are in the city of Nan-t’ou in Taiwan, then do visit the Hehuan Mountain, which is set at the junction of Nan-t’ou County and Hualian County. Apart from appreciating the snowy scene in winter, travelers can see the blossomed flowers welcoming their arrivals in great smiles. Many species of birds can also be seen here.

Another popular venue for the international travelers is the Yushan National Park. Yushan National Park is situated at 3,952 meters above the sea level. In the Park, there are Ecological Conservation Zone, Historical Relics Preservation Zone and the Special Scenic Spots Zone.

The Baguashan Scenic Area stretches about 33 kilometers from north to south and 4 to 10 kilometers from east to west. It is a nice place for relaxing and watching the sunrise and sunsets. The Sun Moon Lake is another added attraction to Nan-t’ou, with clear, mirror-like water and reflections of the mountainous trees. It is the most well-known natural tourist resource in Taiwan, with a good geographical position and natural resources.

Every year, Nan-t’ou in Taiwan attracts large numbers of tourists and travelers for its breath-taking mountains, natural scenic sites and varied and geological landscapes. It is a feast for your eyes to see the magnificent snowy scene, sea of clouds, and high-mountain pasture.

Bi Shan Yan Temple , Lingyan Mountain Temple , 921-Earthquake Memorial Park of Shadong Palace , Peace Tower at Jengou Temple, Jioufenershan are other notable tourist attraction.