Nanumea, Tuvalu is the largest island in the island nation of Tuvalu. It lies in the northern most point of Tuvalu. The landscape of Nanumea, Tuvalu covers approximately around 4.6 kilometers of area. It is around 600 meters wide.

It lies to the north western side of Funafuti. The small island of Nanumea has played a significant role in the Second World War. It was in fact the bomber base of the allied forces for defending the Pacific.

Nanumea was the nearest island to the Japanese bases in Kirabati. During the Second World War, the Americans asked the people to leave their lands so that they could be allocated elsewhere on the atoll. Most Nanumeans were quickly resettled afterwards. Later, a party of the Seventh Defense Battalion of the U.S. Marines arrived at Nanumea and helped to expedite the relocation of the Nanumea people to the islet of Lakena in the northern region.


Tourists coming to Nanumea can enjoy the scenic beauty of the island in its unspoiled form. You will be able to hear a number of stories about the historical past of the island from the inhabitants of the island itself. You can also take the help of the villagers to take you out on a tour of the island where you will be able to see the many of the war relics that are now being used by the villagers themselves.


Nanumea can now be reached by private boats or private yachts. You can also avail the services of the government sponsored M.V. Nivaga II from Funafuti island, though you are advised to check the timings of the services beforehand.