National Palace Museum of Taipei Major Tourist Attractions

National Palace Museum, Taipei is an art gallery and museum that has become one of the major tourist attractions of China. This museum is the abode to huge number of artifacts of ancient China. The Palace Museum in the Forbidden City of Beijing and this National Palace Museum originate from the same unique institution that was divided in two museums during the Chinese Civil War. National Palace Museum, Taipei owns one of the largest compilations of Chinese relics and graphics on earth. National Palace Museum, Taipei is situated in Chihshan Road of Shihlin District in Taipei District.
National Palace Museum, Taipei was later reopened on the Christmas Day of 2006 after a wide restoration project. The renewal project held up for more than four years, during which two-third parts of the museum was shut down. The museum holds a number of articles and things that are the pleasure of their set and popular in global collection.
National Palace Museum, Taipei owns the largest collection of Chinese artifacts in the world. There are more than 700,000 items available in this museum. Since the national Palace museum only has a room to portray approximately 15,000 pieces, the mass of the wealth are kept well preserved in the air-conditioned crypts, which was hidden deep in the ridge. The exhibitions are circumvolved once in every three months that means 60,000 pieces can be seen in a year. It will take around 12 years to look them all. In addition, the collection in this museum keeps booming due to the huge donations and purchases.
While you go for Taipei Tours, You must take a trip to this museum to see some of the oldest artifacts herein. National Palace Museum, Taipei houses the collection of several pieces of ancient earthenware dating back to around 5,000 years. The huge bulk of these collections are art objects, which comes from the personal anthology of China’s monarchs.
Of all the collections in National Palace Museum, Taipei, the Jade Cabbage is the most attractive one. This is a piece of jade designed into the figure of a head of cabbage including two bugs tied. The reputation mixed to this piece is just because of the imperious use of ordinary color distinctions in the jade to restore the color variations of the cabbage. Another important collection is the meat-shaped stone. This is a piece of chalcedony, the layers of which are skillfully utilized to form a resemblance of a part of pork cooked in soy sauce.
The Palace version of the Qingming Scroll in the National Palace Museum, Taipei is also alluring to all. Although this is only a copy, this part is still considered as a creative masterpiece. Some other collections in National Palace Museum, Taipei are relics made up of bronze, jade, lacquer ware, porcelain and enamel. You can also see wall-hangings, needlework and a lot of precious documents and books owning outstanding instances of prehistoric Chinese calligraphy.

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