National Park Dhaka

Situated at Bhawal, 40 km. north of Dhaka- Trisal – Mymensingh highway, it is an ideal spot for visitors, artists, photographers, bird watchers and tourists. A vast (16,000 acres) national recreational forests, the main flora is Gajari (Assam Sal) and fauna includes small tigers, leopards, small bears, monkeys, porcupine, foxes and pythons, lizards and many local birds.

A 1000 metre long meandering man-made lake having angling and rowing facilities, the flower gardens inside are added attraction to natural beauty. Mere walking or lazing under the shade of tree is pleasant. twenty picnic spots, 6 rest-houses of the forest department are comfortable inside the national park.

Prior permission/booking have to be obtained from the Divisional Forest Office, Mohakhali, Dhaka,