National Parks in East Timor

National Parks in East Timor are some of the greatest attractions in the country. East Timor is the newest nation in Southeast Asia which boasts of some of the popular tourist attractions. The country became independent in 2002 and after five years of independence it has declared its first national park. Among a wide variety of popular tourist attractions in the country, National Parks in East Timor have gained separate reputation among the travelers and nature lovers.
East Timor National Parks are some of the favorite places to be visited by the nature lovers. National park is a reserve of land which is usually declared as protected lands and area by the national government. National parks are protected areas and are kept separated from human development and pollution. The national parks in East Timor are located in the serene locality where abundance of flora and fauna can be noticed. Native animals, plants and the unusual geological features have given unique characteristics to the national parks
Visitors can get to see extensive varieties of flora and fauna in these national parks. The national parks preserve vast range of land and seascapes which are protected to preserve the coral reefs and other habitats on both land and sea. Visitors can get to see some of the rare and endangered species of sea creatures which include green sea turtles, dugongs and saltwater crocodiles.
The national parks in the country are enriched with extensive bird life including relatively large numbers of rare species of pigeons, Yellow-Crested Cockatoo and many others.
The Nino Konis Santana National Park is the first national park in the country which should be included in your East Timor tours. The park is a storehouse of rich and extensive natural, cultural and historical heritage. This park is jointly managed by the government and local communities, with assistance from BirdLife International and the Australian state of New South Wales’ Department of Environment and Climate Change.

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