Natitingou is about 50 km from Benin’s Pendjari National Park, where tourists can see West African wildlife during the months of December through June. The Falls of Tanougou and great mud castles of the Betammaribe known as Tata Somba are all within an hour or two of the town by car. If you like swimming on a quite place don’t miss the Kota Falls (Chutes de la Kota). There is a small water bassin down of the falls that is perfect for swimming. Because there are very few tourists in this part of the world, you are almost always alone. Like anywhere in Togo and Benin, mototaxi’s are abundant in Natitingou. They are an excellent and cheap means to cover short distances.You can distinguish taxi moto’s from others looking at the driver. The taxi drivers always wear green and yellow shirts with a number printed on it.

More a “must taste” than a must see, on the way to /from Natitingou, some villages specialized in producing cheese.The cheese is sold along the main road; if you stop, the women come to offer you some cheaply. Most tourists don’t leave the region without having visited some of the famous Tata Somba Houses. Probably the best place to organise a visit to a traditional homestead is Boukoumbe, about an hour west of Natitingou. Kota Falls is yet another famous attraction for tourists here. After the daytime rains, the sky usually clears up a bit and colours beautiful as the sun set.It is great to climb uphill and overlook town while the sun goes down behind the hills!!

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