Nature and Adventure in Puerto Rico

There is no place quite like a tropical volcanic island, and no island in the Caribbean quite like Puerto Rico. The geography of the island is very unusual, as it encompasses distinctly different kinds of topography and micro climates in a relatively small area.

A rugged mountain range runs across the center from east to west, which often prevents rain clouds from passing to the south. The north side of the island is covered by dense vegetation, karst formations, and rushing streams, while, the south side is sun-toasted terrain, home to tropical dry forests and many species of exotic birds. Puerto Rico is only about 100 miles long and 35 miles wide, so its most distant points are only a three-hour drive apart. It also means that just about every tropical landscape in existence is a short trip from wherever you happen to be!

Explore our top Nature and Adventure sites to learn more about all the fascinating flora and fauna on the island, and the variety of ways you can see them. From easy leisurely drives and walks to serious hiking, rock climbing, spelunking, kayaking, and camping on deserted islands, the nature lover and adventure traveler can find it all in Puerto Rico.

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