Ndola is the capital of what is known as the Copperbelt region of Zambia (which is located in the crook of the country against the Congo). A fairly good sized city, it serves as the midway stop between Lusaka and Kitwe.

Ndola features a good sized grocery market and a variety of places to find souvenirs and other goods. Copper is the main commodity in this region so be prepared to find many items made from it. As well you can find the typical carved animals, jewelery, cloth paintings and wrap skirts which the the locals call chitengi’s.

Ndola also has a fast food restaurant which is a surprise for an african city this size. It’s called the hungrey lion and serves as a cross between McDonalds and Kentucky Fried Chicken… but with an African flair. Order Mirinda soft drink instead of the common Fanta for a delicious treat.

Ndola also has a movie theatre, which is a bit of a surprise as well. Only featuring one screen, the movie theatre plays one movie in English, and won’t change movies for a few weeks. However, it’s a nice way to experience American culture in a whole new and exciting way.

The locals in Ndola are very nice, and the city has a very friendly feel. There are plenty of hotels for accommodation.