Negeri Sembilan

Negeri Sembilan meaning ‘Land of Nine States’ is named because once it comprised of nine separate districts each ruled by a Malay Chieftain. The capital of Negeri Sembilan is Seremban, which is only 50 km from Kuala Lumpur and is easily accessible. On Tours to Negeri Sembilan, one must visit the prime attractions of the city, namely, the Cultural Handicraft Complex, the Lake Gardens, the State Museum and the State Mosque.

State Mosque
The State Mosque, one of the most striking mosque in Malaysia, is built with nine pillars to symbolize the seven districts. One can get a picturesque view of the Seremban Lake from the mosque.

Sri Menanti Palace and Royal Museum
The tourists must visit the Sri Menanti Palace at Sri Menanti on Tours to Negeri Sembilan. Sri Menanti Palace was built in place of the old palace, which was burnt down. Built at the beginning of the 20th century, the palace is known for its unique construction with 99 pillars to signify the 99 warriors of various luak or clans has now been converted into the Royal Museum in 1992. The palace was the official residence of the royal family till 1931 when it was found inadequate to fulfill the needs of the growing functions of the state. The Wooden Palace was built by two local carpenters without the use of any nail or screw and was finished in 1908.

Cultural Handicraft Complex
Watch out for the Cultural Handicraft Complex on Tours to Negeri Sembilan. The Cultural Handicraft Complex, modeled like a traditional Minangkabau dwelling, occupies four-hectare of land along Jalan Labu. You will get to see an assortment of state’s handicraft and historical antiquities on display at the complex, which is a positive effort to preserves Negeri Sembilan’s rich cultural traditions.

State Museum
Located within the Cultural Handicraft Complex, the State Museum is housed in an old wooden palace earlier situated at Kampung Ampang Tinggi and now reassembled at its present location for the public to see it. Built entirely of wood, the palace has a rich collection of various historical artifacts telling the local history. You may find here weapons, brass objects and silverware. An interesting display is a tableau showing a grand royal wedding. Adjacent to the museum is the Rumah Minang representing an authentic Minangkabau house. Within the complex grounds, you will also find the megaliths from Fort Kempas.

Seremban Lake Gardens
Not to be missed on Tours to Negeri Sembilan is the Seremban Lake Gardens. One of the most picturesque gardens in the country with lush greenery and landscaped lawns, you will find the jogging tracks and play grounds for the children in The Lake Gardens. For the more energetic visitor while children can frolic in the playground.

State Library
The State Library is close to the Seremban Lake Gardens housed in an erstwhile State Secretariat Building. The building was designed by B.P. Habback of Britain with the assistance of the State Public Works Department in 1912 AD and reflects the features of colonial architecture.

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