This city, located at 442 meters above sea level, has an average temperature of 28 degree C that seems to rise due to the warmth and hospitality of its people, especially at mid-year during the Folk Festival and National Bambuco Pageant. At this time, the rule is to welcome visitors with affection and kindness for them to fully enjoy one of the most authentic feasts in Colombia.

Neiva stands out for being a port on the Magdalena River, as well as for the typical restaurants on the riverside, the Isla del Mohn Park, and the monument to La Gaitana – all close to the pier.

Continuing south, it is a good idea to bathe in the medicinal hot springs of the municipality of Rivera before going on to the towns where the best special coffee in Colombia is cultivated. So say expert international tasters who have savored and given their approval to the flavor of this beverage. Palermo, Tello, Gigante, Garzn, and Isnos are several of the locations where coffee fields burst forth this exclusive fruit.


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