Nei-Wan is one place that you should not miss under any circumstances. Nei-wan lies in the state of Taiwan and therefore it is well connected by all the major means of transport. The place is quite populated but you will really enjoy this very charming place. There is no dearth of tourist attractions here and this place promises you a wonderful holiday. So come to the charming place of Nei-wan and simply enjoy.


There are many convenient means by which to reach this particular place. All what you need to do is plan your tour in such a way so that you do not miss any of these fantabulous places. In fact you will really enjoy these trips to such exotic places.


There are a number of special dishes too that you should not miss. The local food of the region is known as the Je Gian Hua Zhon. This is such a delicacy that tourists from all over the world love it. The ingredients that are used in Je Gian Hua Zhon’s are Zon-Zhi with rice, mushrooms, peanuts, pork slices, dried shrimps and soya bean sauce. There is another special ingredient and that is known but Je Gian Hua (flower) is also added.

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