New Territories

The mainland north of Kowloon, including some small islands, is known as the New Territories.
Although a third of Hong Kong’s population lives in new towns constructed in the New Territories, the area has some scenic escapes, including the Sai Kung Peninsula, in the east, which is an unspoilt playground for hikers, campers, swimmers and boaters. Bird-watchers head to the Mai Po Marsh; cyclists and walkers head to Plover Cove Reservoir; hiking enthusiasts set out on the 100km-long MacLehose Trail which spans the New Territories from Tuen Mun in the west to Pak Tam Chung in the east.

The Kam Tim walled villages are quite touristy but at the same time offer a good insight into how life used to be in the 16th century. The China viewpoint is not far from these villages. However, less people make the effort to climb to the top to catch a glimpse of China, since it became more easily accessible recently. It would be a shame to rush through the NT in order to arrive in China as quickly as possible. Not in the least because the NT area offers some excellent hiking possibilites.