New Year in Afghanistan

New Year in Afghanistan is celebrated peacefully. Afghanistan New Year is called Nowroz or the first day of a new year. New Year in Afghanistan is marked with a glorious celebration. On this day, Afghans attend the flag-hoisting ceremonies at their local renowned tombs. During the New Year in Afghanistan, the natives prepare and serve a special kind of fruit drink called Haft Miwa. The Haft Miwa is made of seven kinds of fruits.

New Year is one of the main holidays in Afghanistan. At this time of the year, people enjoy themselves and visit their relatives. The New Year celebrations in Afghanistan take place in all the provinces. However, maximum pomp is witnessed in the capital, Kabul. In Kabul, the New Year celebrations are attended by thousands of Kabul residents and several government officials.

If you are planning your Afghanistan tours, you can make it at the end of March. In the process, you can witness the New Year celebrations. New Year or Nowroz is one of the prime festivals in Afghanistan. If you are in Kabul, at this time of the year, you can view the flag-hoisting ceremony at the Karta-e-Sakhi tomb near the TV hill. The residents become very hopeful and happy during the New Year. They hope it will be full of peace and security.

Almost every city in this country has some sort of central festival to mark the New Year in Afghanistan. People welcome the New Year as well as the spring season at this time of the year. New Year in Afghanistan is the biggest festival in the Mazar-e-Sharif. If you move to the Balkh province, you can see thousands of people, gather around the historical shrine of Hazrat Ali, the son-in-law of Prophet Mohammed and also the fourth Caliph of Islam. The shrine of Hazrat Ali is a historical shrine. During New Year in Afghanistan, people pay tribute to this shrine. The main function of New Year is also held in this shrine. The shrine of Hazrat Ali is also famous because of the blue mosque.

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