New Year in Argentina

The South American country of Argentina celebrates New Year with much fun fare and it also entails to the entire family to come together for late dinner. New Year in Argentina is a public holiday therefore giving more reasons to celebrate and stay out for the entire night and party.

As it is in the southern hemisphere, New Year in Argentina is generally hot, unusual to most parts of the world where New Year is synonymous to the chill and long winter nights. Argentines plan to go to the beaches, lakes and swimming pools for a refreshing swim on New Year day, as swimming is an activity very close to their hearts.

Usually the entire family on the New Year Eve, 31st December, gathers for late Dinner. The lavish spread of delicacies includes ‘Turron’ and ‘Pan Dulce’ among others, as these are traditional and very essential on New Year in Argentina. Around 11 in the night Dinner is served and just before midnight people are out in the streets to enjoy fire works.

Bursting of firework and crackers is the other most significant feature of the New Year celebrations in Argentina and all the members of the family participate in it. People are out enjoying, dancing and partying and this goes on till dawn of the next day, the New Year day! On New Year Day people visit churches and Cathedrals to offer prayers and then go out on picnics or for a swim in the nearby beaches.

There are several traditions accompanying the New Year in Argentina, which is still followed today. Generally people have beans on this day as it denotes success or better job prospects. Also running around the house with a suitcase would mean lots of traveling in the coming year.

No matter what, the fun loving Argentines definitely look forward to celebrating New Year and although gift giving is not a tradition here, the elders often pamper little children with gifts and goodies.

To experience New Year in summers, visiting Argentina around this time would be ideal and also one would relish on the beach memories and picnics here for long.

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