New Year in Czech Republic

The festive mood of Christmas continues with celebrations of New Year in Czech Republic. New Year in Czech Republic is synonymous with wild parties, lots of dancing and drinking, watching a fireworks extravaganza and hitting the most happening disco or pub in town.

People flock to the streets and squares of all Czech towns and either queue up in front of an exclusive nightclub or discotheque or head to find a comfortable place for themselves to enjoy a magnificent show of fireworks as they light up the dark winter sky. Many restaurants, pubs, music clubs and concert halls in Czech Republic hold special shows or performances to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

Czech Republic New Year Tips for Tourists:

You can visit Karlovy Lazne in Czech Republic, which is the largest dance club in central Europe and has 5 different dance styles on 5 floors.
You can also join the locals as they dance the night away on a steamboat
You can go aboard excursion boats that set off upstream along the Vltava and offer a differing type of music.

If you are in Prague on New Year’s Eve, just head to one of its many Rock clubs such as Vagon, Rock Cafe, Palac Akropolis or Hells Bells and groove to the music.

You can also visit a number of jazz clubs located in Old Prague.
Those who love to pamper themselves can indulge in a relaxing massage on New Year’s Eve at a spa. The famous West Bohemian spa town of Carlsbad is the ideal place to head to you if this idea appeals you.
You can also partake in a Czech Republic New Year’s Eve ball with your sweetheart and spend a gala evening together.

Connoisseurs can welcome New Year in Czech Republic in style by toasting to it with the world-famous Czech beer or Becherovka from Carlsbad. Excellent Czech and Moravian wine or champagne are also available in most bars and pubs in Czech Republic on New Year’s Eve.

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