New Year in England

New Year in England is another festive time of the year when the English people go out in large numbers and do a lot of shopping for their friends and family. New Year in England is widely celebrated in different cities. It is an event when people celebrate the end of one year and the beginning of a New Year.
The English people celebrate the New Year in their own special way. Previously in the Anglo-Saxon era the New Year started on the 25th December of every year. But now it is celebrated on 1st of January every year. The New Year in England is truly majestic which you would love to cherish. The late night parties and celebrations would be an experience for a life time. There is a lot of fire work display which sets the tempo for the celebration. You can also go for various cruise rides as a part of your England Tour during this time of year. It is the ideal time when you can burn off those calories by partying wild during the New Year time. People dress up in fashionable outfits to attend the parties. There are quite a number of New Year Parties and New Year Clubs which one should visit. There are quite a number of theme parties where you have an assigned dress code for the evening.
New Year in England is known for the dazzling salsa parties held on its eve, where one can witness the fiery dance moves. The crowd dances to the sound of rock band performances. The DJs mix up the rocking sound tracks which set the floor afire.
If you want to tour England you should not miss the opportunity to be a part of some of the happening New Year parties.
Some of the most popular venues are – Myres Castle, London’s Planet Hollywood, The Manor Hotel, Strand Palace.