New Year in India

The New Year in India is celebrated with great zeal in different parts of this country. The visitors coming to India during the New Year’s eve will surely have a great time in this country. The country has got diverse culture and tradition. These aspects of India do attract a lot of people from various corners of the globe. The country has got very efficient transport facilities and so moving around will never be a problem for any of the travelers coming here. The visitors will definitely take part in the celebration of the New Year in India, and the whole experience will surely remain a wonderful one for all.

Beautiful decorations are done in most of the cities. Everywhere there are lighted streets, which are magnificently decorated with variety of things. Many events and functions are organized during the Indian New Year. To indulge in an exotic fiesta, the visitors can go to Goa. The visit to this place will always remain a memorable one for all the travelers.

All the different festivals in India are celebrated with great pomp and vigor, and the new Year is also no exception. Each and every part of this country celebrate the New Year with great enthusiasm. Apart from the English New Year, in India various regions of this country celebrate the new year in different times of the year. Nau Roz is the Kashmiri New Year, which is celebrated during the month of March or April. Goru Bihu is the Hindu New Year, celebrated in Assam during April/ May.

Baishakhi is celebrated in some parts of the country, where the first day of the month of Vaisakha is celebrated as the New Year. The Bengali people celebrate the New Year in April, which is regarded as Naba Barsha. There are many functions and prabhat ferries that is early morning processions, on that particular day.

Gudi Padva is the New Year time for the Maharashtrian people. Ugadi is the another New Year celebrated in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka. Vishu is celebrated in Kerala.

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