New Year in Kiribati

The New Year in Kiribati is like any other new year celebrations around the world where people gather to celebrate this festive spirit. The people revel in the New Year spirit which starts with the onset of the month of December itself. Everyone looks forward to this New Year in Kiribati as it gets rid of all your weariness and rejuvenates your soul so that you can start afresh in the new year. All the homes are cleaned and decorated to usher in the New Year which brings along with it new hopes and aspirations which will makes everyone work all through the year!
The time of Kiribati New Year celebrations all the schools, colleges and offices remain closed for 2 days, i.e. on the 31st of December and the 1st of January. All the restaurants and bars remain open all through the night and the people dance and make merry till the mid-night as the clock strikes twelve. The party continues even after twelve and everyone goes back home at dawn with a happy heart as New Year in Kiribati is a time to rejoice. On the 31st of January, the residents of Kiribati gather with all their near and dear ones in their respective homes or at a nightclub which is generally for the younger generation or even they meet at a ‘maneaba’ which is basically a traditional meeting house.
Everyone stays awake till the clock strikes twelve and they hold prayers from mid-night onwards to welcome the New Year and to bid good-bye to the old year. The evenings are spent in having a family meal, playing indoor games, delivering speeches, singing and dancing. The impact of the New Year Eve in Kiribati will linger in your minds even after you have left the place. Tarawa is the place where the New Year in Kiribati celebrations are felt the most. The nightclubs and pubs like Captain’s bar, the Otintaai Lounge Bar, the Royal Saloon and the Lagoon Bar proudly hosts happy hours. As clock strikes mid-night everyone bids farewell to the old year and raises a champagne toast to cheer in the New Year.

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