New Year in Mexico

New Year in Mexico is a grand festival and the country of Mexico celebrates the day with charm and joy. It is a best time to visit the city since Mexico celebrates the New Year with a grand and distinct style. It is a national and public holiday all over the world, hence large number of travelers from the world travel to Mexico. New Year in Mexico is a grand celebration which is colorful, vibrant and extravagant.
New Year at Mexico is one of the important festivals and events that is celebrated by the people. There is a huge influence of Spanish colonial culture and rituals on the culture and tradition of Mexico and this is quite evident during the time of New Year. There are various kinds of celebration available for various people with different tastes. The young people generally prefer to celebrate at the noisy parties, pubs and discos. They will be dancing and enjoying with live entertainment. Salsa dance is one of the most integral parts of the Mexican culture and celebration. If you want to have a rocking New Year Celebration in Mexico, you can head to the well known clubs where one can join in the extravagant celebrations.
People, who generally want to avoid noise and hustle, and prefer to celebrate the New Year eve in peace and serenity can visit the restaurants, bars and other places of attraction. The restaurants and bars are decorated with unique styles and prepare special items and great selection of wines and cocktails. The tourists as well as the local people will enjoy the special cuisines offered by the different restaurants with a wide array of lip smacking dishes.
The city looks bright and enchanting during the festive season. The streets are decorated with colorful lights and decorations. As soon as the bells ring at the churches, people start to greet and wish each other and come out at the streets. The churches are decorated elegantly and tastefully. One of the traditional ways to celebrate the festival is to eat 12 grapes with each sound of the bell.

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