New Year in Morocco

New Year in Morocco is celebrated with enthusiasm and fervor by all sections of people. Though there is an ethnic diversity in Morocco, the country is rich in culture. With the colonization of Morocco by the French and the Spanish, there is a strong western influence in the lifestyle of the people. The New Year in Morocco is celebrated in hotels, restaurants, discotheques, nightclubs as well as in the homes of people. There is a celebrations touch to the celebration of New Year in Morocco. The people with religious inclination visit the churches to celebrate the New Year.
There are a good number of foreigners present who also join the New Year party. Happy New years fill the air as the clock strikes 12 o’clock at midnight. Motorists throng the streets and by lane, shouting and hooting, and many press their horns to celebrate New Year. Crowds throng the many pubs, bars and restaurants present around so much that they find it difficult to accommodate all. The partying continues till the wee hours of the next day in major cities and towns.
There is brisk sale of goods during this time and many eateries have full house for the supper as the night progresses. People splurge during this time of the year with open mind.
For many, New Year in Morocco is comparatively a day of resolutions, meant to be kept throughout the year. Many families prepare delicious dishes for the entire family on this day to mark the occasion. The day also means time for family gathering. Relatives and friends make it a point to meet on this day and exchange greetings and gifts.
The day is also used by many for going on river cruises and sightseeing. The places of interests in Morocco remain crowded during this time of the year. Hotels and suites are booked in advance during New Year in Morocco.

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