New Year in Netherlands

New Year in Netherlands is one of the most treasured festivals. To the busy Dutch citizens, New Year in Netherlands brings a wonderful opportunity to spend an enjoyable vacation with family and friends. The Dutch have their unique style of celebrating the New Year. Netherlands New Year is full of lively parties and fireworks.

Tradition and Customs – The Dutch eat oliebollen on New Year’s Eve. Amongst the most liberal countries in Europe, the Netherlands ranks quite high.

The Dutch have one of the most exciting New Year’s Day traditions in the world. Dutch settlers brought these traditions with them. The early Dutch settlers, like Americans, focused on New Year’s Day rather than New Year’s Eve. Many American foods Americans such as waffles, pretzels, pancakes, coleslaw, doughnuts and koekjes are directly connected to the Dutch.

On New Year, people decorate their houses. They set their best silver and china at tables and serve mouthwatering dishes. All doors were open for guests. Traditionally the female members received male callers and only men visit the houses of the relatives. All men have to do is eat and drink a glass of liquor in each house they visited. People also buy lots of gifts and go for grand shopping during New Year in Netherlands.

Another distinguished Dutch tradition is the New Year’s Swim. At noon thousands of people jump into the freezing cold North Sea.

New Year in Netherlands is one of the most important festivals in the country. Most of the organizations and institutions remain closed during the festive season. During New Year in Netherlands people generally meet their friends and relatives and enjoy with their family.

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