New Year in Norway

New Year in Norway is a time of celebrations, merry making and revelry. It is a time to usher in the New Year with happiness and joy. It is the festive season for Norwegians who celebrates this festival with enthusiasm and passion. The people of Norway like to welcome the New Year in style and immerse themselves in the festivities.

When it comes to celebrating the New Year’s Eve in Norway, Norway has its own distinctness and its own style and way of celebrating it. Families, friends, old and young and small and big all come together to share the joy and revel in the festive mood. It is the time of partying and carousing. It is both a social and a family occasion where people reserve their time for friends and family and go out and socialize. The day is celebrated with enthusiasm and the entire day is reserved for spending it with family members and close friends.

Norwegian New Year is a spectacular time for the locals as well as the tourists who immerse themselves completely in the festive spirit and revel all night and day in the fun and cheer. New Year’s Eve is celebrated in a traditional manner and people gather together with their families and friends to revel in the festive spirit. Many of the households prepare a sumptuous fare and call over their relatives to join in for a grand feast. Good food and wine are an integral part of the celebrations of New Year in Norway.

People in Norway love to party, and New Year, is a great reason to party all night long and paint the town red. The young and the old alike, visit the bars and the hotels and discotheques to have a good time. Private parties are also thrown by some people and there is a huge turnout during such gatherings. Dance, music and heavy drinking reign strongly during this time. A the clock strikes midnight, people come out of their houses to see the fireworks

There are some very popular New Year Traditions in Norway observed by the locals and they are truly interesting. Private parties also see an en masse turnout, with dancing, music and heavy drinking. Norway is famous for the fireworks display. The sky lit up with a thousand colors and fireworks simply looks spectacular. People start raising a toast to the New Year as the clock strikes 12 and they begin wishing and greeting people. People usher in the New Year in Norway with much love and happiness.

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