New Year in Poland

Fun, frolic and fervor mark the New Year in Poland. Poland is one of the most vibrant countries in the central Europe. The country is blessed with unique charm of the old cities, serene and beautiful natural sceneries, captivating landscapes, lush green natural parks. The natives of the country are enthusiastic and fun loving. New Year in Poland is one of the most awaited events and it is celebrated traditionally.

During the New Year, Poland becomes one of the major destinations for the tourists. The New Year in Poland provides an opportunity to feel the ethnicity and explore the liveliness that the country has to offer. The 1st day of the year is celebrated throughout the country, but the capital city of Warsaw is the center of all celebration and merry-making. The New Year’s Eve which precedes the New Year’s Day is also celebrated in style in Poland. It is also known as the St. Sylvester’s Eve that marks the wonderful enunciation of the romantic legends of Polish tradition and beliefs. On the occasion, the whole of the country decks up to welcome the new dawn of the 1st day of the year.

On New Year’s Day, the Polish indulge in several unique customs and activities. They arrange hayrides to the forest and enjoy the event with a bonfire. They also cook sausages and bigos on the occasion and serve them to the participants.

One particular tradition which is practiced during the New Year in Poland is to prepare breads in the shape of rings, cross, child and several animals. At the dinner table, these are hidden. The participants are asked to find them. If some one finds out the ring, it means that his or her marriage is on the cards. The recovery of the ring indicates that the finder would enter into clergy while anyone who retrieves the child-shaped bread would be blessed with a child out of wed-lock.

Apart from it, the New Year of Poland offers some other peculiar but interesting customs which are a real delight to the tourists and these also help in understanding the true fervor of the country.

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