New Year in Portugal

The New Year in Portugal is celebrated with great gusto and passion. The New Year celebrated here is no way less as compared to the New Year, celebrated in the different western countries and other parts of the world. Portugal is one of those countries in entire Europe, where New Year is celebrated in a very wild way. The country of Portugal is the westernmost country in the mainland of Europe. This country is on the Iberian Peninsula. The New Year in Portugal is a great event in the social calendar of this country. The first of January is an official holiday in Portugal. The evening just before the 1st of January is celebrated with great zeal and pomp in this part if the world. The visitors planning a trip to Portugal can come during the time of the New Year.

Celebrating the Portuguese New Year will always be a wonderful experience for all. The main cities of this country host a plethora of entertaining parties and events and these seem to the order of the day. There are many hotels, clubs and restaurants in different cities, where the countless events are organized for the visitors. The tourists coming here will undoubtedly have a blast at the time of the New Year’s Eve. During this time of the year all the various happening places of the country of Portugal are chock-a-block with innumerable people. Each and every people seem to be heel bent on having a blast. The basic ingredients of all the new year parties is always the same for all that include lot of singing, lot of dancing and lot of drinks as well.

The celebration of New Year in Portugal is done with very wild abandon. The place has got some wonderful tourist attractions and in this respect the Douro River cruises are definitely worth mentioning. The visit to Portugal to Portugal will remain incomplete if the visitors don’t taste the various Portuguese wines. The History of Portugal is also quite interesting and the visitors must try to go through its history, when in this country.