New Year in Samoa

New Year in Samoa is all about celebrations and fun and the New Year party in Samoa begins early and the celebrations continue for days. New Year in Samoa is particularly one time when the relatives who stay out of Samoa come to Samoa for fun and celebrations. As New Year marks the beginning of a fresh New Year people start their preparations early and you can have fun and enjoyment. In most of the cultures the New Year party in Samoa is a big thing and people generally decorate their homes to mark the advent of a fresh New Year.
In Samoan culture everything is family-oriented so the New Year party in Samoa starts with the coming of the family members together for celebration. They come from various corners of the world and meet each other for the New Year Party. As the celebrations are limited within the clan you have the other families joining the party. You will be more-than-happy to enjoy the party with the Samoans. There is traditional Samoan dance and you can eat the special dishes that are cooked especially for this time and for this event.
Among all the important events in New Year in Samoa the Samoans decorate their homes with flowers and colored papers and according to traditions the people present each other with gifts. Most of the time the gifts are not that expensive but it is the gesture that matters the most. Dance is an integral part of any kind of ritual in Samoa. During celebrations you can also watch the traditional Samoan dance or the Siva. Food is generally cooked in ums which are especially made above the ground so that you have good cooked food items.

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