New Year in South Africa

New Year in South Africa is celebrated with full fun and excitement. On 1st January, New Year in South Africa is celebrated. This is a public holiday and the local people as well as the foreigners celebrate this day with tremendous excitement. New Year in South Africa provides you with some exciting ideas on celebrating New Year.
At the time of New Year in South African, houses are decorated with balloons and colorful lights. People like to spend the day with their friends and family members by partying altogether or by having a sumptuous meal at a good dining hall.
South Africa is one of the best places to plan for a perfect New Year celebration. New Year in South Africa is celebrated on January 1, according to the Gregorian calendar. The excitement and enthusiasm can be seen on the faces of people many days before the event. The Church bells are rung and gunshots are fired to welcome the New Year.
The best place to celebrate New Year in South Africa is by visiting the Victoria and Alfnavy Waterfront, which is a place for exquisite nightlife. This place throws the biggest and the most popular New Year bash, along with fireworks, music and lots of drinking.
Durban’s beaches are also fabulous place to celebrate New Year in South Africa. Durban’s beaches are always throbbing and pulsating with life. The clubs and pubs are best suited to celebrate and organize New Year parties. The beaches in Durban are packed with people who gather to celebrate their New Year. They party till the wee hours of morning. The showy parties are attended by national and international celebrities. South Africa undoubtedly looks like a big entertainment hub at the time of New Year.
New Year in South Africa gives you another majestic idea to party at the Cape Town Minstrel Carnival. Here you can enjoy many bright and colorful parades accompanied by songs, dance, music and other shows. People dance away to the rhythms of the drums. They dress up in flamboyant costumes and loud make-ups. The Mary Fitzgerald Square gives you another golden opportunity to party whole night through.
In Johannesburg people celebrate the New Year by firing gunshots and throwing fridges off balconies.