New Year in South Korea

New Year in South Korea is celebrated with great religious, cultural and social enthusiasm. It is one of the best times to visit the country. The festival time and mood commences with the augmentation of Christmas and stays till the New Year. Though, the North and South Korea are separated by a thin geographical boundary yet they unite together to welcome the New Year in an equally festive mood. New Year in South Korea is truly a time to make merry and have loads of fun.
‘Solnal’ is observed as the first day of the first month of the lunar year. The New year in Korea is celebrated as a big holiday. The schools, college, offices and all other institutes remain closed as it is declared as a national holiday. The New Year in Korea is more of a family get together where all members of the family come together and pray to their ancestors. It is an act of remembrance followed by worshipping of the Lord Buddha.
According to the traditions followed, the new year’s day in Korea is observed as ‘Shul’ when Koreans put on traditional clothes and follow the customary rituals. The natives perform the rites like ‘Jishin Balpgi’ where drums are played in loud to thwart off evil deeds from entering the house. The New Year celebrations in Korea are observed twice a year in some of the Korean communities. The Korean New Year festival in the rural areas is followed on the 15th day of the eighth moon. It is better known as the ‘Harvest Moon Festival’ because it indicates the time of rich harvest and yielding of crops. It is on this day specially that the harvested beans, dates, rice cakes are served to guests.
The New Year events in Korea commences soon after the New Year’s Eve. During the New Year’s Eve in Korea people organize for lavish parties in their houses and offices. They decorate their homes and offices with colorful paper works. The brightly lit lights adorn the streets and houses allover. Long before the arrival of the New Year in Korea, The long banners are hanged informing the masses of the pre planned extravagant New Year parties that are arranged at different clubs and other society halls. The New Year greetings and wishes are also exchanged between each other.

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