New Year in Taiwan

Lunar New Year in Taiwan – Lunar New Year is a major festival for ethnic Chinese groups around the world. Around eighty percent of the population of Taiwan consist of Hoklo, a Chinese ethnic group and the remaining comprise Taiwanese. Lunar New Year in Taiwan is celebrated with great fervor . The Taiwan Lunar New year festival starts on 24th day of twelfth lunar month. It is believed that on this day different gods descend down to earth from heaven and report to supreme Taoist deity, Jade Emperor about the household affairs. The New Year celebrations are marked by beautiful rituals. In one of the rituals people burn ritualistic paper money to make the gods happy to provide traveling expenses for the gods. In another ritual people put malt sugar on Kitchen God’s lips so that he gives a good report of the household affairs of the people on earth to Jade emperor or better, keep silent. Kitchen God is considered as one of the traveling deities in accordance to Chinese mythology and tradition. Other rituals include hanging of spring couplets in the house.

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