New Year in Turkey

New Year in Turkey is celebrated with great pomp and show. The New Year in Turkey like every other country is celebrated everywhere in the world. People arrange dinner parties and invite their close friends and relatives as a part of New Year celebrations in Turkey.
In Turkey, you can see large groups of people outside, counting down seconds as loudly as possible during the final hour of the year. There is also some opposition to New Year celebrations because it is a Christian custom. New Year in Turkey is general and they have great fun on this particular day.
New Year in Turkey is celebrated by decorating a Christmas tree. The people in Turkey with Christmas trees and even eating delicacies especially on New Year’s Day spend their day by having fun.
Since the only holiday celebrated in Turkey among the long holiday season in the US is New Year’s Day, everything is packed for making fun on this day. But of course, for the mass for New Year in Turkey, the celebrations are for the joy of another fresh and hopeful year.
On the last day of December, there are many special activity programs on television. Each television channel tries to present the best program for New Year’s Eve. This Turkish celebration starts early in the evening and lasts till early morning. All places teem with people at night. The people have to make a prior reservation if they want to celebrate it out of home.
A New Year tree is the Turkish equivalent to a Christmas trees. A fir tree is the most usual type of tree used and the variety of tree sorts and decorations used is the same as for Christmas trees. After modernization of Turkey, the Islamic calendar and fiscal calendar were replaced by the Gregorian calendar and New Year in Turkey started in the late 1920s. The celebrations became very popular in Turkey and Christmas trees were brought into Turkey as a New Year tree.

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