New Year in UAE

New Year in UAE is one of the most coveted festivals. With lots of glitter, glitz and glamor, UAE New Year is a total show business. During New Year Season UAE citizens enjoy vacation. January is a happening month in the cities and the delight of New Year in UAE can be felt every where, especially in the major cities in UAE. Everyone seems to be in a festive mood and looks happy. To the busy UAE people, New Year in UAE brings a golden opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends.
Young or old, rich or poor, everyone in UAE celebrates New Year. But UAE elites have their own way of celebrating New Year in UAE. The extravaganza begins as soon as the Big Ben’s chimes sounds. Dubai’s elite socialites attend the Black-Tie Gala Dinner which held at the marina terrace of the Le Meridien Mina Seyahi. While having a great dinner they can watch the amazing fireworks. This is an endeavor by all the hotels located along the posh areas of Jumeirah beach-strip to welcome the New Year in UAE.
The magnificent shows of of fireworks in varied shades of red, gold and green hallmark the New Year celebrations at Dubai in United Arab Emirates. The New Year night grows older with grand parties, well dressed men, beautiful women and children and dances at the balls.
On new year people, mainly Christians in UAE decorate their house with handicrafts, flowers, plants, and Christmas tree and lights. As in other countries in the world, common people clean their houses, color the exterior and interior and do refurbishment if needed. After all these,they generally spend the New Year in UAE quietly with their family and friends. Youngsters, of course, go partying with their friends or jam the discs in the major cities like Dubai. People also buy gifts and do a lot of shopping during New year in UAE.
This is one of the most important Festivals in United Arab Emirates. Most of the businesses and offices in UAE remain closed on New Year eve. During New year in UAE people generally meet their friends and relatives and enjoy with their family.

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