New Year in USA

In the United States of America, people commence their New Year preparations right after Christmas. According to the Gregorian calendar, New Year in USA is celebrated on the 1st of the month of January. The Americans know various ways of making this particular day a memorable one. Ranging from parties to masquerades, carnivals to fairs, spending time with family at home to going out on short trips, there are innumerable options to observe New Year in USA.
In the United States of America, it is New York which mostly steals the show during this time of the year. This amazing city is renowned for its lavish New Year celebrations. The countdown on New Year Eve begins at One Times Square. This is transmitted live on many American channels. The huge Waterford Crystal ball is lowered gradually with the passing of time and the moment the clock strikes twelve, it touches the lowermost part of the tower. A spectacular crowd creating an astounding scene gathers in here during this time. At the beginning of the New Year, the Americans do visit the churches in order to derive the Lord’s blessings before commencing a new journey of life. People visit friends and family with gifts, flowers and champagne. This is followed by a grand feast accompanied with music and dance. At present, youngsters head for the various nightclubs and discotheques with friends and partners to enjoy a vibrant New Year bash.
During the time of New Year, almost the whole of USA is decorated with glittering lights. The shopping malls and department stores, the houses of people and the public places are all adorned with various attractive lights. A very popular paradigm related to the celebration of the New Year in USA is that the Old Year with a band across the chest and a mark of the bygone year on it handovers his responsibilities to the Baby New Year who is an infant with a band marked New Year on it.
The major cities where the celebrations of New Year in USA can be best observed and enjoyed are Los Angeles, San Francisco, Mexico, Florida, Washington DC, Las Vegas, Chicago and Disney. In all these places New Year is considered to be one of the most joyous and popular festivals in USA.
Being one of the most significant events in USA, New Year is also marked by several processions and colorful parades such as Orange Bowl, Fiesta Bowl and Tournament of Roses. The first two parades feature bowling games and are highly interesting to watch. The Tournament of Roses covers a distance of about more than five miles. In this parade a huge mass participate in the march with great enthusiasm.

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