NEWater Visitor Centre

Our NEWater is one that has stirred a variety of reactions in Singapore and elsewhere. Find out more about this Singapore success story!

Together with a vibrant virtual guide, tour guides bring visitors through a multi-sensory journey of NEWater discovery through the centre. Visitors learn how PUB leverages on advanced membrane technologies to produce NEWater. By incorporating a working NEWater factory right in the heart of the centre, visitors witness, first hand the production of NEWater. On top of that, the visitors also get the opportunity to feel, touch and even taste NEWater. The centre also uses multimedia shows and interactive games to enhance the learning experience.

20 Koh Sek Lim Road

(65) 6546 7874

Getting There
Nearest MRT Station : Tanah Merah
Bus Services available : 12, 24, 31 & 38
*A free shuttle bus from Tanah Merah MRT station operates at intervals of an hour and 45 minutes, from 8.45am.