Newquay, the surf Capital of England, witnessed this year its best surf ever recorded. People come from South Africa and Australia, surfers paradise, to ride on the 8 foot waves. Annual international surfing competitions are held here attracting thousands to come and see the likes of Kelly Slater in action. Every summer the population of Newquay increases by 20% due to its youthful, vibrant atmosphere attracting budding surfers down to its many hundreds of surfing lodges during the summer sun. Away from the sea, Newquay is vastly historical and the countryside of Cornwall is second to none. The best time to visit Newquay is most definitely during the summer but from a surfers point of view September-October is the time to catch the best waves. Hotels and lodges near the sea front are cheap and there are also many well equipped campsites within 500m of the sea. Newquays versatility is astounding and continues to amaze its many thousands of visitors each year.

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