Ngapali Beach is surely one of the most beautiful beaches in Myanmar with unspoilt white sand fringed with coconut groves as far as the eye can see. Still, you find primarily peace and quiet, lonely beaches for relaxing or excursions to some islands and fishing villages. Ngapali is easily and quickly accessible by airplane from Yangon to Thandue and a car transfer of about 30 minutes.

The best beach resort in Myanmar, also once known as the Naples of the East, is located on the northern coast in Rakhine State. Nagpali is an unpolluted, unspoiled beach stretching over 3 km with crystal clear blue sea and clean white sands fringed with coconut groves as far as your eyes can see. This unspoiled beach is 35 minutes flight from Yangon or 14 hour drive along the narrow winding road over the Rakhine Yoma ( Mountain Range) after crossing the Ayarwaddy River at Pyay (Prome).

There are no loud beachside bars, no rows of suntan-oiled bodies basking in the sun and no vendors pressing you to buy souvenirs. Instead guest will only find the idle seaside character of – the sea, the sand and the sun. The fiery sunset, for which the Bay of Bengal is noted for, can be watched right from your doorstep. The 18-hole Golf course is located 15 minutes drive from the beach to fulfill the taste of beach golfers.

Nearby fishing villages are also interesting places for visitors to the beach. If you are eager to have a look at natural and primitive sceneries, it is where you can witness how fishermen set and draw drift nets and how their family supports them in the workplace. Ngapali Beach opens from October to May.

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