Niah National Park

Over 400km up the coast from Kuching, hidden in the forests of Miri, are the Niah Caves. The park covers a vast swathe of 3,140 hectares of peat swamp, dipterocarp forests, as well as the massive limestone outcroppings within which the giant Niah caves are concealed. The caves consist of one big cave (The Great Cave) and some smaller caves.

In 1958, archeologists discovered evidence of human occupation of the caves dating back some 40,000 years. Rock paintings were found in what has become known as the Painted Cave, and the discovery of several small canoe-like coffins (death ships) indicate that this site was once used as a burial ground.

Key Tips
Since the caves are home to millions of bats, it’s a good idea to wear sturdy shoes to avoid an ugly encounter with guano – bat dung.

How to get there
By Road and River
The Park is accessible by road from Miri or Bintulu. It takes about 2 hours from Miri and 3 hours from Bintulu to Batu Niah. From Batu Niah, it is a short boat trip to the Park Headquarters.

Accommodation Overview
Here, there are options for camping, chalets, a hostel and even a homestay programme.


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