Nightlife in East Timor

Nightlife in East Timor is one that will leave the tourist wanting for more in the country of East Timor. With its lush tropical beaches and vegetation, the crystal clear aquamarine waters and the numerous bars and cafes in the capital streets overall make East Timor a perfect and enchanting place to be for the travelers looking for some thrills and adventure in Southeastern paradise locales.
Nightlife in East Timor offers a great variety in choice. The pulsating party beats to the serene church choirs, there is a complete exhibition of choices in East Timor. There are live bands which perform in every street corner in Dili in East Timor. The country’s nightclub industry is very much concentrated in the capital city of Dili. There is live music and local bands perform numerous songs and instrumental music in the presence of many tourists and locals alike. The Nightlife in East Timor is constantly changing and the changes are not hard to find in the newly independent East Timor.
The center of all the Nightlife in East Timor is the Castaway Bar, it is often considered to be the beat bar in the entire Dili nightscape.The place has very good food and cold beer can be enjoyed with some music in the background.The Castaway bar has some of the most sought after cocktails and is conveniently located at the Esplanade Beach road area.The Caz Bar on the beach front sometimes offers the best sunsets that Dili has to offer. The place is also the best way to unwind after a long day and breakfast, dinner and lunch all are provided for those who come here for their daily meals.The Caz bar is famous all over Dili for the famous barbecues it offers for all its guest. The restaurant is one of the finest that Dili has to offer to the tourists who come.
The Beach front Dining Restaurant called the Sag res Beach is famous allover the East Timorese island for the live bands which perform some authentic Timorese music often depicting the true culture of the East Timor. There is also the added attraction of satellite television along with the pool table and the Karaoke, which the guests often love to indulge in. Thus the Nightlife in East Timor is abuzz with a lot of activity.

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