Nightlife in Kiribati

The nightlife in Kiribati is sure to appeal to the travelers who come here to spend some quality time with their near and dear ones. Through the nightlife in Kiribati is not as vibrant as those in the other parts of the world but still there are quite a few nightclubs and pubs in the Tarawa Island where you can have a great time with your friends. Not only the young generation but also the older generation likes to spend some time in the company of their friends with their favorite drink in hand. You can feel the nightlife in Kiribati if you stay in the Tarawa Island as it houses some of the old and famous bars in Kiribati.
The restaurants and bars in Kiribati remain quite filled till wee hours of the night as the people love to unwind after a tiring days. Some of the most frequented nightclubs and pubs in Kiribati Otintaai Lounge Bar, Captain’s Bar, the Lagoon Bar and the Royal Saloon which houses some of the all-time favorite drinks. These pubs become all the more lively during the New Year as parties are hosted here till late hours of the night and almost till dawn. The good and rhythmic music which is played is sure to make you tap your feet and even make you dance.
For nightlife in Kiribati, one of the favorite places for both the local people as well as for the international travelers, is the Betio situated in the south Tarawa Island. This is the one of the places in the Kiribati group of islands where you can unwind and have a relaxing time. The good drinks and the cozy ambiance make it a favorite haunt for everyone. You can also visit the Gateway Nightclub resembling a Cambodian prison as it houses some of the most liked drinks apart from good music which is played to soothe your wearied souls. If you are holidaying in Kiribati then make it a point to be a part of the nightlife here as though it is not much vibrant it is something to look forward to.