Nightlife in Netherlands

Nightlife in Netherlands offers tourists with a fine blend of lively dance clubs and elegant pubs and bars. The cities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam and the Hague are some of the best regions to experience a rocking nightlife. Nightlife in Netherlands exists in all the parts of the country and engages people of all age groups.

Netherlands nightlife is of complete fun and entertainment. There are innumerable dance clubs, bars, lounge, bowling alley and karaoke bars. The country also boasts of excellent cigar bar, coffeehouses, microbreweries, jazz club and live music concerts that are very much a part of the nightlife of the country.

The atmosphere in the clubs of the Netherlands is simply unbelievable. The clubs have a dimly-lit atmosphere. Beams of laser lights and dancing crowd in pulsating music simply create a magical effect. The dance clubs provide guests with comfortable seating arrangements. These clubs mostly crowded by the young and are idle place for unwinding and enjoying time with friends. The dance clubs in the country, mostly packed in the Saturday nights. Some of the big nightclubs require membership but tourists have preference over the local non-members.

For senior and more serious type who does not like dancing, a visit to the theater or the music concert hall is idle of enjoying the night. In the city of Amsterdam, the famous Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra attracts many tourists. The Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra organizes famous music concert shows in the night. Large number of people attends these shows.

Some other places of enjoying Nightlife in Netherlands are the Netherlands Dance Theater and the Netherlands Opera group. Visitors can also watch shows of the National Ballet, famous performing arts of the country. The country is located far away in the northern part of the globe but it has a thriving nightlife scene.

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