Nightlife in Poland

Nightlife in Poland is always active and throbbing. It is home to some of the best pubs and bars of the region. Nightlife in Poland also includes going to the movies or theaters and visiting the nightclubs which are the nerve center of the country’s nightlife.
The bars of the city provide a real treat at night. The bars are lively and filled with music, and well stocked wines. Apart from the many bars located in various strategic points of the city, one can easily entertain oneself in the pub and theaters of the country. Entertainment in Poland include movie going, which is also a popular way to spend the evenings relaxing and enjoying with family and friends.

The major places to enjoy Poland Night Life are:
The Irish Pub is a popular pub with a great atmosphere and interior design. Everyday live music and excellent service are offered in this pub. Well known for its yummy food, wide range of Polish beer, the best Guiness in Lodz. The beautiful waitresses have made it a favorite haunt for many tourists and locals.

Kicz Pub This is a perfect pub to frequent if you are staying in the immediate vicinity of the Palace of Culture. The pub has a great atmosphere and a reasonably priced drink menu. It is a best place to start your nightlife adventure in Poland.
Alchemia – Located at the corner of Plac Nowy, the central point of the quarter, it is quite impossible to miss. This is one of the first places that made nightlife really enjoyable in the country.

Vodka – As the name of this cafe bar suggests, it specializes in a variety of Vodka. Roma Musical Theater – This is one of the most magnificent theaters in Poland. Seats here are set in a half circle, with several balconies directly on top of each other at the back. The acoustics in the theatre are wonderful. Musicals are the most frequently performed genre, and this theater attracts the world tours of American Broadway Shows.

Pozegnanie z Afryka – This coffee outlet has a wide variety of coffee. Even the sweets have a hint of coffee or are shaped like coffee beans. The prices are moderate.

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