Nightlife in Russia

Russia Tours will enable you to experience the grand marble palaces, rich culture and the great vodka of the country. Nightlife in Russia is very trendy and of international standards. There are many nightclubs and dance clubs scattered in Russia. Nightlife in Russia will enable you to shake off your tiredness and stress at the end of the day.
Nightlife in Russia includes a visit to the following nightclubs in Moscow –
Kitaiskii Liotchik Dzhao Da – For the tourists and travelers in the beautiful city of Moscow, the Kitaiskii Liotchik Dzhao Da offers live music along with a comparatively cheap food and drinks. Here, you will get to listen to all kinds of Russian music.
Golodnaia Utka (Hungry Ducks’) – This is likely the most famous bar in Russia and it is very popular with Russians and foreigners alike. The place has 2 dance floors, where you can dance endlessly. The Hungry Duck is known for its late night striptease shows.
Casino Royale – The Casino Royale offers 14 slot machines, as well as Baccarat, Blackjack, Mini-Baccarat, Roulette and Stud Poker for its guests to come and enjoy. There is also a bar and a restaurant on-site.
Le Club – The place is one of Moscow’s premiere live jazz, blues and rock and roll clubs. The club remains crowded with people of all age groups and local bands and all manner of musicians visit this club on a regular basis. The dining area specializes in pan-European cuisine; from noon to 4 pm. A business lunch menu offers a choice of thirty dishes for you to feast on.
Il Pittore – The ground floor of the Il Pittore is a cafe that serves delicious Italian cakes and pastries, while the first floor is a restaurant. The walls are covered in colorful murals, which depict Venetian scenes. Tourists will get delicious Parma Ham and Melon and Vegetable Millefeuille. The pasta course includes the tasty Spagehetti Del Pittore.
As part of the Nightlife in Russia, you can enjoy in the pulsating and vibrant live music clubs. There are various categories of Live Music Clubs like, Alternative, Electronic and Rock and Pop. There are many Jazz and Blues Clubs, which serve as the best places to go out for a good jazz or blues concert and to meet nice people. JFC Jazz Club is a good place to be in.
Nightlife in Russia also includes many dance clubs. Places like Che, Fashion Cafe Lounge, Red Club and Cadillac are some of the most popular dance clubs.

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