Nightlife in South Korea

The Nightlife in South Korea is known to be quite and relaxing.. There are a good number of restaurants and bars in South Korea which are very popular among the locals and tourists alike. These places make Nightlife in South Korea lively and memorable.
To get the real feel of Nightlife in South Korea, one can visit the numerous places of interests which are popular. The bars and restaurants found in the capital city of Seoul are also a good place to visit. The Alexander Magic Bar is one place at the center of the largest entertainment district in Seoul. The place is mainly meant for the 20s and 30s crowd. During the day time, the center serves as school for few apprentices of magic learners, while at night time, it transforms in to a bar which serves drinks to a revelry crowd.
One can visit the Cookin to Nanta is a show with combination of Korean folk music and the rhythm of Samulnori which is the traditional Korean drumming. It is being performed since 1997 and has its performances in 174 cities internationally
One can watch the traditional folk performers at Minsokchon live. Themen wear headdresses, with very long feathers or long ribbons, which they throw around like gymnasts. They play many tricks to produce great fun.
The Music Bank is the place to get some warm welcome from the DJs, who take requests and the dancers dance on the table. The place is nice to meet new friends and have an evening of fun and revelry.
JJ Mohaney’s is also known as a ‘yuppie bar’ and reverberates with life at the weekend. One can have a few swigs here and shake a leg or two to some international hits.
The Java camp Western Bar is located less than one minute walk from the Terrace Bar. It is a normal Korean style place with smaller groups gathering together and enjoying themselves. The food being offered here are comparatively cheaper than the nearby places.
The Juliet Cocktail Bar is situated right across the Hanjin Hostel and is a good place to have a drink and relax after a hectic day of sightseeing.